Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Yarn Along 13

It's Wednesday, it's Yarn Along time!
The book I'm showing you today isn't a new acquisition but I haven't shown it here before. It's in use almost every day (except for when I'm lazy) and has helped me to eliminate a lot of pain in my back and neck. "Die 7 Minuten" - I think the original version is called "7 Minutes of Magic" by Lee Holden. Mr. Holden encourages you to spend 7 minutes in the morning and 7 minutes before bedtime with training and breathing exercises, combining Yoga, Pilates and Qi Gong. I have to be honest with you, I need more than 7 minutes for the whole routine but then again I try very hard to do it right. The pictures in the book could be a bit better and I had to look up some postures on the INet because I wasn't clear about how my feet should be standing and things like that. But apart from that I like the book very much. Mr. Holden gives information on his own journey to exercising and provides additional helpful techniques that can be done during the day, like techniques to calm your mind when stress threatens to take over. Particularly the evening training helps me a lot, I can fall asleep better and I am in less pain when I wake up. Being the sloppy person that I am, I get lazy from time to time and climb into bed without my 7 (or 15) minutes of stretching and relaxing. Most of the times I regret that in the morning.

Knittingwise I am especially proud this week. Right now I have my very first own design on the needles! It's a pair of fingerless mittens in a sunny yellow fingering weight sockyarn, the first is already done and I'm happily knitting away on the second one while more ideas for designs swirl through my head. Once the knitting is done I have to take proper photos and write the instructions down so that everyone can understand them. So far I only have a lot of untidy scribbling on several loose pieces of paper... I hope I will be able to do this right but I'm certainly not lacking motivation or excitement =)

Please head over to Ginny's for more knitting inspiration and interesting books!


  1. Your fingerless mittens look great and I love the color! How fun to be designing your own pattern :)

  2. Love the fingerless mittens - the ones I made this past winter are well worn. Good luck with the pattern writing.
    The books sounds useful - will see if I can find it here, I too am better if I do exercises before bedtime.

  3. Oh how exciting to be designing! I love the color of the yarn and look forward to seeing your finished mitts.

  4. Hi,
    greetings from a fellow German person joining in with yarn along :)
    Your book sounds very interesting! Love the orange on your knitting!

  5. I love your design! The colour will be great for winter too.

  6. thanks for sharing that book with us. i think i need that! i used to always do rodney yee's a.m. yoga, which i still love, but as i'm pregnant i think some qi gong could help me while i can't be twisting and the like.

  7. Ooh, those mitts remind me of cupcakes - cute!

  8. that book sounds good maike, i'm glad it's helping you to overcome your pain. so sorry you have that.
    i LOVE your gloves, i can't wait till you write up the pattern, i need a pair as i've given all the ones i've made away.

    i giggle still when i think of you and the distaste of candy corn. did your friends like it? anyway, it looks cute. :)