Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Yarn Along 12

Hi and welcome to the weekly Yarn Along, hosted by Ginny from Small Things! I finally got my new wooden circular needle and was therefore able to add some rows to the "Surya" shawl which I am knitting for my KAL with Linda from Norway! I have done 7 repeats of the shawl body pattern by now and could move on to the next part if I were aiming for the shawlette size. But as I decided on making the shawl size I have another 2 repeats to go. As much fun as it is to knit the sun spots, I'll be glad to move on with the pattern. I think there will be a couple of garter rows before the leafy edge - some mindless knitting for a change! I can't wait to finish and block the shawl and see those sun spots clearly.

The bobbles are growing, too and they are starting to look better and neater I think. The curling edge is driving me batty, it makes it harder to shift the stitches on the needles and is just a pain in the butt in general. But I so adore the bobbles! All in all I didn't make that much progress knittingwise for two reasons. One: I haven't been knitting as much as usual (I know, call an ambulance!). Two: When I've been knitting, I worked on these little beauties:

The pattern is "Autumn Pumpkins" by Jan Lewis. I've actually made three so far. I gave one to Sebastian's mother and the two in the picture made their way to my godmother, who celebrates her birthday this week. Now I will have to make at least two more because my mother wants one, too and I want at least one for myself! They are easy and fun to make but knitting them is extremely hard on my wrists because the gauge better be tight as hell so the stuffing won't show through. But still, fun to make!

I even have a book to show this week, yay me! It's "Meditation des Lichts" - "Meditation of Light" by Leonardo Boff. Sebastian's mother gave it to me for Easter this year but apart from flipping through I just kept it on the "to read"-pile so far. I haven't read much yet but I kind of like it. It deals with methods and techniques for meditation of the highest light that are suitable even for everyday life. A how-to on filling up on divine energy of light so to say. I've always had trouble with meditating, not being able to focus and getting my mind to shut up and be quiet. I'm often so anxious and antsy, a bit of meditating and calming the mind would be so great. I've picked up on Yoga and it has helped me a lot, especially when it comes to getting some sleep. But I still have to work on surpressing or outletting (is that even a verb??) the constant buzz of thoughts.


  1. Isn't that a great pattern!? Makes such cute pumpkins. I've been on a knitted fruit/veg kick for a while (decorations for Thanksgiving). I've used that pumpkin pattern with worsted, I also made one with 2 strands of worsted (larger needles of course).

  2. Oh those are SO cute! Thanks for the link. Your little pink number is looking really pretty too ;o) look forward to seeing your progress.

    Shirley Ann

  3. I love the pumpkins, so cute. I can see them used as awesome pin cushions after they're done being autumn/fall decor ;)

  4. Tolle Sachen hast du da gestrickt! Die Kuerbisse sind super niedlich.

  5. maike all your knitting is gorgeous, i love your projects and the pumpkins are just so cute.
    i love what blocking does for a pattern so i can't wait to see your finished shawl.

  6. i battle the buzz of thoughts too. it is an everyday, every moment process, trying to stay in touch with the present. love the pumpkins, they are so festive!


  7. Your bobbles are looking great and the pumpkins! How cute they are!!

  8. part of what i love about knitting is how meditative it is. you can always start by breathing in and out for each subsequent stitch when your mind is racing. i love thich nat hanh books for simple meditation techniques. nice of you to stop by via geli. du kannst deutsch oder englisch bei mir schreiben, aber ich schreibe meistens auf englisch - for one thing, my computer keeps self correcting the spelling and it drives me nuts!

  9. What beautiful bobbles! And those pumpkins are amazing. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's great to meet you!