Wednesday, 26 October 2011

KAL 3 and Yarn Along 14

Hello my dear knitters and readers! And crocheters of course, too!
Are you sick of pictures of the Surya shawl yet? If so, don't worry - it'll all be over soon. I am approaching the end of my little KAL with Linda and I can't wait to see how the shawl will look after blocking. But let's not get ahead of ourselves, I still have to knit the edge. Even in an unblocked state, the shawl is now so big that it takes up the whole length of the 100 cm circular needle (and more). Here's a close-up of the sunspots in their squishy, unblocked state:
While the pattern is marvellous and correct and neat and absolutely wonderful, I was more than happy to leave the sunspots behind me and move on to the more mindless garter stitch section. I'm usually not a big fan of garter stitch but in this case it was a welcome brainless knit (even if only for a few rows) and it does make a nice looking interlude between the two parts of the pattern. Now I'm two rows into the edge and I already feel the excitement of a soon to be finished project, oh yes!

I've finished "Voyager" by Diana Gabaldon and am now out of Outlander books *eek*. But Christmas is nearing and I have to be patient and work my way through other unread books that are waiting on the shelves. I started on "Northern Lights" by Philip Pullman, which is the first book of the "His Dark Materials"-Trilogy. I'm loving it so far and the fact that we already own the following two books as well pleases me a lot =)

I'm off to Ginny's now to look at your works and books, cya there! =)


  1. Der Schal sieht klasse aus! Das Muster ist super, habe ich noch nie vorher gesehen. Du musst uns unbedingt den fertigen Schal zeigen! Die Outlander Buecher sind toll, habe auch alle verschlungen.

  2. What a beautiful color! It'll be interesting to see how the pattern it blocks out. It's always a little like opening a present. :)

  3. Your Surya is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your ta-dah moment!

    Haven't thought about the Outlander books in so long!!!

    Is Jamie still part of them???

  4. What a gorgeous colour!

    I'm always amazed at how blocking completely transforms lacework. I can't wait to see the finished shawl!

  5. so exciting, it's almost done. i do love garter stitch and think it'll look so pretty with this lace.

  6. Your Surya is looking great!

  7. Oh no! No more adventures in Scotland??? I agree with Emma, it is exciting to see what blocking does to lace - magical!

  8. I know what it's like to post the same project that many times. But not too worry, we've all been there. The shawl is lovely.