Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Yarn Along 9

Good morning!
I've been away too long... I missed two Yarn Alongs and I surely missed seeing all your wonderful projects. But now I'm back in the business and I'm happy to join Ginny in her weekly Yarn Along today.

A few months ago I started reading Tolkien's fantastic "The Lord of the Rings" again. It's been many years since I had last read it. I've watched the movies many times since then, but of course it's not the same. My copy of the book is a German translation but Sebastian has a stunning copy of the English original, with a beautiful cover! My German translation was divided into 6 or seven books (weird, I know), which was nice if you wanted to read in bed. It's easier to hold up a relatively thin book instead of lifting this whole chunky thing. Sebastian's book looks extra thick because it has been read in the bathtub a couple of times and also fallen into the tub by the looks of it. The pages are also starting to come apart so I have to be careful - but it looks positively ancient and I love it =)
I don't know why but I stopped reading after a bit, because of other books I suppose. The book was lying on our coffeetable all of the time, though. Now I've picked it up again (loving every single sentence) because of my current knitting (please click and then click again to see it bigger!):

It's the first mitten of Ann Kingstone's fabulous "Lady of the Wood" mittens. Didn't I promise you beads? Well, here they are. Not many, but oh so pretty. A closer look on the beads maybe? Here you go (why does my hand look so old??):

I had queued the pattern quite some time ago and when my penpal Linda gifted me my first lace yarn ever I gave it a go. Sadly, the brown colour of the yarn is too dark to properly show off the leafy pattern but I like it nevertheless. In any case, I want to knit those mittens again, maybe a pair for every season. I named this version "Lady of the Autumn Wood" because of the dark brown and the copper coloured beads. When I went to purchase the pattern on Ravelry I saw that it belonged to a whole book of wonderful patterns, so I purchased the whole book "Novel Knits" - as an e-book. All the patterns are inspired by literature - J.R.R. Tolkien, Jane Austen, J. K. Rowling - which I find so extremely great that I'm over the moon with my purchase. As you may have guessed the mittens are inspired by "The Lord of the Rings" and I feel very elfin and ladylike already while knitting them. Please ignore the weird orange yarn, it's the provisional cast on for the thumb =) Oh there will be a lot of "novel knitting" in the future, one pattern in the book is prettier than the other!

But I am of course also still knitting on my little KAL with Linda - the Surya shawl. I have to order new needles though, the metal Addi needles are too slippery for this project. Until the wooden needles arrive, I have to put the shawl on hold, I can't knit with the metal needles any longer, it's no fun.

I've finished my Mermaidia socks by now (pictures still to be taken) and cast on for a new pair of socks. Lately I've been frustrated by self-striping sockyarn. I don't know why but there always seems to be at least one colour that doesn't go with the rest and it ruins the whole pretty stripy look. It's like all pretty pastel pink and lavender and then BAM! bright orange stripe. So I'm making my own stripes now which is of course more work than knitting with self-striping yarn but it's fun. And no, these aren't Gryffindor colours. It's yellow and fuchsia but naturally I can't capture the colours correctly. And apparently I'm also not able to get the camera to focus on the right spot so it's a bit blurry. Definitely a field of expertise I need to work on.


  1. The novel knits sounds like a super book and the beads you are suing look very pretty. I enjoyed reading the Lord of the Rings books, apart from the songs/poems that pop up every now and then, I found those to be hard going and that they did not really add anything so quite often skipped over them

  2. I love the "Lady of the Wood" mittens and the beads! Oh how pretty!

    You certainly have been busy knitting-wise.

    It's nice to see you back and posting :)

  3. Knitting with beads - now that's something that I've never tried but admired from afar. Your hand is old? Mine looks ancient and chubby in my yarn-along photo. I think it's the lighting or maybe my eyes...

  4. All the knits are lovely! I really like the beads and your hands look young to me ;) The lace work is very lovely.

  5. My friend, Tracey, who is a HUGE Tolkien fan would love these mitts.

  6. I`m embarrased to say that I haven`t read Lord of the rings - ever!! I just have to do that very soon. Looks like you have a lot of great things on your knitting-needles :)

  7. I love your post today! My twelve year old son is currently working his way through the Lord of the Rings books. He recently finished The Fellowship and we were excited for him and watched the movie (only the first movie though!) after he completed the book. I read the books many years ago as well as my husband and our 17 year old son. We are all very excited to be reliving our love for the story again through our other son.

    Your mitts look just lovely. I have never knitted with beads before so I'm impressed. :) I'm off to check out that pattern now!

  8. It's all looking great! Keep up the good work!

  9. Your knitting is lovely, and I imagine those gloves will be beautiful in such a pretty color. I've promised my daughter that I will read this series (finally)! Now I want to go have a look at the knitting book!

  10. those gloves are great! and what a FABULOUS copy of Lord of the Rings...i am SO jealous! ;)