Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Yarn Along 11: Cotton Candy Bobbles

Good morning and welcome to another Yarn Along, as always hosted by Ginny from Small Things.
Again, no new book to show but I think that will change next week, so stay tuned =)
But I've always some knitting to show and today it's my Cotton Candy Bobbles. The pattern is Bobble-Vine Jacket by Edie Eckman and it truly was love at first sight. Now I'm new to the whole bobble knitting business and it shows. Some bobbles look better than others and I severely have to restrain my petty knitting self from ripping back in order to knit every bobble perfectly. There will be many bobbles to knit on this cardigan so I decided to see it as good practice and I will leave the not so perfect looking bobbles untouched. Boy, I'm sweating just writing this =) There is a bit of cable-action, too and twisting of stitches and I have to pay a lot of attention to the chart. Which sadly isn't of very good quality, it's tiny and a bit blurry so blowing it up doesn't work as it only gets blurrier.
Want to take a closer look on the bobbles? Here you go:
I'm using Cascade 220 Wool in the colourway "Tutu". If you take a look at my projects page on Ravelry you can see that I ripped my "Asymmetrical Cabled Cardi" so that I can start on the bobbled cardigan. Well, I probably would have ripped the cabled cardi anyway, the pattern wasn't that good and many people made many modifications and I lost heart very early. The cables were just a tad too bulky and I found the instructions confusing in general. I had ordered the yarn online a while ago and it was intended for many things since then and ripped a lot. Ordering online isn't easy when it comes to colour choices. Every computer screen shows colours differently and the colours might already be off in the pictures to begin with. I admit that I had expected a slightly lighter pink so when I opened the box and took a first look on the yarn all I could say was "oink". But I rather like it now (maybe it was just the initial shock that it indeed was THAT pink) and I like how the bobbles look in that colour. The edges of the cardigan curl like crazy in the stockinette parts but I hope that will subside as the cardigan grows. There will be a bit of crocheting around the edges so that should definitely do the trick. I hope.

Have a lovely wednesday and do pop over to Ginny's so you can look at all the lovely projects and books!


  1. Those bobbles look pretty damn good to me ;)

  2. Bobbles! How cool! I like your pink. It's nice and bright, and I can see where you would think pig, but it grows on you. :)

  3. Beautiful yarn and so very pink :)

  4. Wow! I'm impressed that you are attempting bobbles and the fact that you just keep jumping right in with all these new knitting stitches. :) I think the bobbles look great. Can't wait to see more of this one! :)

  5. oh my goodness you sound so like me. i have the hardest time letting something go and usually rip instead. i think its brave and wise of you to let this be a learning experiance, and besides your bobbles look just gorgeous to me. blocking will probably help alot with the curling also. and the pink is lovely! (i've just cast on for a pink scarf too and the color is so nice to work with, so different from what i usually choose).

  6. ohhh Thats a really cute pattern. First time i've come across it!
    Happy Bobbling :)

  7. What a pretty pattern you're working on. I tried bobbles for the first time last year and they're just so interesting to work. And challenging too. Hopefully after you make enough it'll get easier.