Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Yarn Along 10

I'm again joining Ginny in her Yarn Along today. I don't know why it's just Yarn Along blogposts these days but I strongly suspect all the knitting. I have several things I would like to blog about but I'm knitting and knitting and knitting some more. In fact I once again have slight tendonitis problems which often come after hours of knitting at a tight gauge. Sticky, sweaty fingers and wooden needles don't help with that, no no. I'm showing you two pictures, the first one comes closer to the actual colours but the second one shows the stitches better!

No new book this week as LOTR is quite a giant opus both literally and metaphorically speaking!

Knittingwise I've finished the first mitten of the "Lady of the Wood mittens" and I'm quite pleased with the result. The process itself was such an ordeal and so hard on my hands and wrists but that could have been partly due to the frustration and crampy knitting. I must have knitted 4 mittens so far but only kept one version. It's not that the pattern isn't good, it's really nice and easy and knitting with beads is surprisingly easy, too. But to find the right size, gauge, needle size, total stitch number... a really frustrating piece of work in that case. I know that my hands are very small, but they must be even tinier than I thought. I started with the stitch count given in the pattern and knitted with a 2,00 mm needle. And believe me, I am a tight knitter!! (again, hello tendonitis!) The mitt was much too big. The next was too small. To cut the long story short, I tried everything: various needle sizes, less repeats of the pattern, smaller thumb gusset... In the end I went with fewer stitches on larger needles. It's not as perfect as I would have liked but it's nice and pretty and I just have to let it go now =) Plus my lace yarn was heavier than what others used for the pattern so that might have been a problem, too.
I suspect the real problem is that my wrists are so very narrow in relation to my palms and especially my thumb balls, that I just can't get the mittens over my hand if I knit them to tightly fit my wrists. But enough of that now, I'm going crazy... letting go and being satisfied now. Period.

I've also seamed the first of my "Mermaid's Gauntlets" by now and started the second one (currently parked on double pointed needles because I needed the circular needle for the third project in the picture. I need more needles! Or fewer projects. No, more needles. Seriously! But I'm being frugal and shift projects around so I don't need to buy more needles of the same size.).

And as if I haven't enough to work on already I started something from my queue today: "Stjärna" by Karolina Eckerdal. I hope this will work out, as it seems to be a great way to use up odd balls of yarn or even leftovers. A smooth cotton yarn might not have been the best way to go but the sheen is so nice and I want it to be something decorative and festive for Christmas. The construction seems to be quite interesting, I'm curious how it will turn out!

Now I'm off to take a look at YOUR wonderful projects and book suggestions! =)


  1. There is such wonderful detail in your projects. I love to see them!

  2. LOTR book is MAMMOTH! good luck :) Love the mitts they look lovely and warm.

  3. The pattern looks lovely! Isn't it frustrating when you can't get a knitted item to fit right? They look wonderful though.

  4. Your fingerless mitts are looking lovely. :) LOTR is a good book to read slow, don't you agree? I have not had the time to blog as much as I am wanting to these days either. At least the Yarn Along posts keep us up to date on everyone's knitting! :)

  5. All the patterns look wonderful. Thanks for the star one - I saved in my Ravelry library.

  6. so much beautiful knitting, i like all your color choices, and the star looks so pretty for christmas!

  7. Hello Maike,
    your knitting is beautiful.
    Fantastic work and wonderful colors.