Saturday, 17 September 2011

Love for old things

I just have to share my newest acquisitions with you: 3 very old coffeemills!! That's right, not one - three! I've always been deeply in love with old things, or vintage goodies as they are called now =) I hardly ever use the word though, particularly because the fashion world in my eyes disgraced the word "vintage" by using it for just another fashion craze that I don't care for anyway. So for me they are just lovely old things, ideally connected with memories. I have inherited many things from my beloved grandmother, but not nearly as much as I'd liked. I was 15 years old when she died and had very little say in what I could keep of her stuff and what not. I secretly squirreled away as much as I could to my room while my parents were throwing most of her things away, partly because they thought it to be rubbish and partly because of some weird form of grief. I cried many tears because I would have loved to keep much more of her stuff and I thought (and still think) that it was an insult to my grandmother's memory to so hastily throw out things she had cared for greatly. I was allowed to keep a lot of dishes though and some cutlery as well. I packed it up in boxes and was looking forward to the day when I would finally be able to take it to my own home. Once in a while I opened the boxes just to look at all the pretty stuff. Sadly I had to realize that some of it was missing. My mother had developed a taste for it after all and felt it was her right to take whatever she wanted. Which was mostly cutlery. Nice, huh? And she won't give it back to this day. Considering that she had wanted to throw it all away, she could at least have the decency to ask.

But back to the coffeemills. I always wanted to have one - not the kind that runs with electricity though! I wanted an old one with a hand crank and a little drawer where the ground coffee would fall into. And will you look at those glorious mills! A cousin of my mother's collected coffeemills but now she moved into a smaller apartment and doesn't have enough room for her collection anymore. Another cousin of my mother's who actually is my godmother (with whom I stand in close contact and whom I like very much) speaks with her on the phone on a regular basis and immediately suggested that she could give me some of her coffeemills and telling her that I would never sell them or give them away otherwise but would treasure them as I treasure everything that once belonged to my grandmother. So this cousin not only gave me the coffeemill that once belonged to my grandmother, but also one that belonged to my great-grandmother, whom I never got to know. And she threw in a third one from someone else I don't know. 
The small one on the right is the one that belonged to my Oma (that's German for "Granny"), the one in the middle is the oldest and belonged to my great-grandmother (my Oma's mother) and the one on the left is the one from someone unknown to me. I'm so happy with them and I hope I can actually use them or one of them to grind coffeebeans. They are pretty greasy and dirty though and I still need to do some cleaning and maybe also a bit of refurbishing. I'm not sure of a good place for displaying them yet, our kitchen is very tiny and the surfaces are already too full but I'm sure I will find a good spot. Otherwise they will be put into boxes for later when we will have more room and maybe a bigger kitchen. I will certainly pull the coffeemills out once in a while to pet them and adore them and then put them safely back, dreaming of the day when I can display them oh so proudly. Some things never change.

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