Thursday, 4 August 2011

Shawl KAL "Surya" 1

In my last Yarn Along I promised new knitting projects and I'd like to present you one of them today: As of yesterday, I'm doing my first KAL, the wonderful shawl "Surya". In case you don't know what a KAL - a Knit Along - is: It means that two or more people agree to knit a particular pattern or project at the same time. In this case, it is a rather small KAL, as it's just lovely Linda and me. Linda is my Norwegian penpal whom I found on the penpal board on Ravelry. I found several penpals in this forum and seem to have lost some of them already. I guess sometimes it just doesn't work out. With others it goes really, really well and although Linda and I have only been penpals since February I like her a lot and am glad that things go well with the two of us. Linda had asked me right in one of her first letters if I wanted to do a KAL with her some time and of course I wanted that! So we agreed on a shawl pattern and decided to start in August.

So now I have another shawl on the needles besides my Haruni. I started knitting with a sockyarn in a fuchsia colour but after a few rows I decided that I didn't like it. Although the colour is pretty, it just didn't really work out with the pattern. So I ripped it and restarted with a sockyarn in a shade of teal and am pretty happy now. I don't know what it is with me and teal but I'm hooked on all shades of bluey greens and greeny blues these days =) It actually rivals my love for pinks and purples, who would have thought??
I'm really loving this KAL idea. People who live far away from you might be knitting the same thing you are working on that very moment. It makes you feel closer to them somehow, which is a nice feeling! =)

I will be posting pictures of my progress soon. Right now there are too few rows to see anything. Please head over to Linda's Blog, too. She too will be showing pictures soon and it will be quite interesting to see the same pattern in a different colour and a different yarn in general.

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