Monday, 3 May 2010

Wonderful Socks and a crappy Saturday

I finished the wonderful Waterfall Socks and they fit so perfectly. As always I couldn't take a photo that shows the actual colour, so just imagine the socks to be the colour of the grass and the grass to be a darker green:

Now I intend to finish Sebastian's socks (yes, I had already knitted one sock for him with this yarn but I ripped it as it didn't fit that well and looked awful):

And I am finally knitting this red yarn into something that actually fits and looks acceptable:

I rarely say that but I am glad the weekend is over. Sunday was good with a lot of relaxing, coffee, pizza and good movies. And we did need that good Sunday because Saturday sucked. It all started with the simple fact that it was my father's birthday. And we were invited. Shit. He likes to party often and a lot so he threw a party for himself Saturday night. Having been to too many of my parents parties, I feared the endless boring small talk, the stupidity of their idiotic friends: "Oh hey, what happened to your pink hair??" (That was ten years ago and they have seen me a couple of times since then...) And of course the awful music that no amount of alcohol can tune out.
This time I risked the possibility of my parents being offended and said that we would only come in the afternoon for coffee and cake. That turned out to be the right decision because we had to endure a shorter span of time. So we sat there 90 minutes and listened to my father talking a humungous amount of crap. 90 minutes in which he stated quite clearly and several times that he surely would not pay a single cent for my wedding party as no one paid for his. (Do you see the logic here? Because I don't.) Please note that we did not ask him to, we were just talking about weddings in general. I am used to statements like this so I was not surprised. But I really had to bite my tongue and not say what was in my head that moment ("Yeah and why should you pay for a party you're not invited to anyway?"). Ah family, there's nothing like it.

After 90 minutes of stunning conversation we went straight to a friend's house for our first barbecue of the year. The food was great and we had a lot of fun for 2 hours. Then someone wanted to watch a movie. I would have preferred to stay at the table and just keep talking and laughing. It is very hard to find a movie that each of 5 people really wants to see. So after a lot of arguing we watched 2 movies that were a total snooze fest (I won't say the title of the movies, I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings). One friend went home 10 minutes into the second movie. That was the fourth time that we ended an otherwise great evening by arguing over movies and I simply don't understand why we have to watch movies in the first place. Normally we just sit there several hours and have a great time talking. I even brought that thought up but someone became whiny and wanted to watch a movie. It felt like being back in kindergarten. We finally drove home at 11.00 pm. Later in bed I thought that I could have had finished another sock instead...

Edit: Everybody liked my potato salad. That was nice.

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