Monday, 19 April 2010

Socks and Yarn

Well hello, it's been a while. Sebastian has 2 weeks off from work and we have been driving around a lot, went on hikes and yesterday we rode our mountainbikes for the first time this year. It was a very pretty tour with a lot of rocks, mud and sand to race through (in my case: to get stuck in). I have to say, half of the track would have been enough, as we're just getting started again after a long winter. My buttocks are so sore, I am actually thinking about writing this post in a standing position. While puffing up the hills, I realised that I didn't get any fitter during a winter of sitting on the sofa eating chocolate. That came as a real shock =)

Before I move over to knitting related news, I am proud to say that I passed another exam. Not with top grades, but I passed. It was an oral examination and the worst I ever had. The examiners were mean and grumpy (it was a friday afternoon, I think that had something to do with it) and it took only 10 minutes for me to enter full panic mode. As always when in panic in an oral exam, my mind went completely blank. A good examiner recognises this and tries to calm you down and changes the questions. Those two just raised their eyebrows and said "You don't know that??" All in all, I didn't think I did that bad, the first part went fairly well and the second part of the exam was not top notch but I could have done worse. When I left the room for 5 minutes to give the examiners time to discuss my grades I knew I hadn't aced it but was relatively sure I had passed. I re-entered the room and my heart sank when I looked at their faces. After a lot of sighing, they told me I had passed but barely. Of course I was glad to have had passed but the things they said to me afterwards were neither nice nor helpful for the future. I know that I didn't do very good, but the stuff they said was really not true. But I passed and that's all that matters for now.

Knitting. Yes, there has been some of that, too. After ripping out countless attempts, I finally produced a nice pair of socks. No wait, the second sock is not finished yet, but it will be tonight! Better photos will follow once both socks are done.

Pattern: Waterfall Socks by Wendy
Ravelry Link: Waterfall Socks

The instructions are very clear and it is so much fun to knit! I love the slip-stitch heel! I chose a green yarn because I think the pattern looks like a vine that winds its way up the leg. I might knit another pair of socks in a blue yarn for a more waterfall-ish look. Here's the yarn I used:

We also used the holidays to visit lovely old towns with yarn shops that left me standing there with my mouth open, drooling all over the floor. Sebastian was very understanding and bought me those lovelies:

I can't wait to knit socks with the rainbow yarn on the right!

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