Friday, 2 April 2010

A Jumper and a Cowl

I seem to be doing more ripping than knitting lately. Remember the red socks I've been knitting? I finished them, they were too tight, I ripped them. I knitted them again, they were too wide and the heel sucked, I ripped them. I am at the point where I really hate the yarn and can't stand to knit it again, for now...

On a happier note: I finished my second jumper. Before you look at the pictures, get ready to see a lot of pastiness =) I know, the colour doesn't look so good on me, maybe letting the sun kiss me will do the trick, who knows?
The yarn is "ONline Linie 11 Alpha", colours 16, 40 and 66. It is 100 % cotton and very, very soft. The original pattern was published in the "Verena" knitting magazine, spring edition 2009.
The seams are still not great, but getting better. I am not completely satisfied with the result in general, but I made some progress and am still learning a lot.

I took the jumper for a walk today and I have to say, the yarn really feels nice and is perfect for spring as it provides enough warmth due to its thickness. The colours look awful with the blue jeans, but if I want to put on my white jeans I will have to go with the unbuttoned look as they are tight as hell at the moment. And not in a good way!

And another FO that has been finished for quite a while now: Gudrun Johnston's "Crofter's Cowl". I've worn this piece a lot since it came off of the needles. The cowl starts rolling itself together after a while, which sadly hides the wonderful pattern, but it is nevertheless a beautiful and useful thing to wear. For information on the yarn etc.: Crofter's Cowl (ravelry link)

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