Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Yeah, you already told me - twice.

Last weekend I had to endure several conversations I had to endure before. I could flip out when people tell me stuff over and over again. I don't mean the never ending "Tidy up your room!" that my mother gave me a thousand times. That was annoying, too, but I learned to ignore it after some time. No, I mean when you are sitting together with some friends, having dinner and chatting about this and that. Last weekend we had pizza with another couple and watched a movie afterwards (District 9, highly disturbing but interesting with quite some bloody shocker scenes). And without fail, I had to hear stories I had heard before. More than once. They were boring. And pointless. And stupid. And although I said "Yeah, you already told me.", she will bring it up again the next time. It wouldn't annoy me so much if it was something important and interesting like the sense of life, the fate of planet earth and the beings living on it, or child education or where to find the best sockyarn *g*. But it concerned something the co-workers had said, something the doctor had said, how the ugly hole in the sofa is ugly, and whatnot.
That really takes me back to when the mother of my ex-boyfriend tortured me with endless stories about laundry and how the house was build after her imagination and plans. She told me the same stories on a daily basis, really, no kidding! My ex-boyfriend found that highly amusing because she had changed her focus from him to me and he didn't need to shout at her to shut it anymore. Good times.
Really now, what is that?? Do some people talk so much bollocks the whole day long that they only recognize it as a low humming sound and therefore are completely oblivious to what they say??

Another thing I don't like: Having to tell the same thing over and over again. Now you could say that for that reason, becoming a teacher won't probably be the right thing for me =) Anyway, I have a fairly good memory and consider it polite, respectful and important to remember what people are telling me. At least the major part of it, of course I can't remember everything. I might be wrong to expect the same from them, but I somehow do. But last weekend - yes, we're still there - I answered the same questions I answered at least four times before. While I appreciate the interest in my life, I kind of suspect the interest to not be real, as the person either doesn't really listen or forgets it after a few hours.
I don't mind telling the same thing over and over again to different people but to one person? I tell you, that Saturday I felt like Bill Murray and was extremely annoyed by that blabbering and blubbering groundhog.
Ah yes, and you know what? People who can't shut it while watching a movie annoy me, too! "What is this?" "What's he doing?" "That is disgusting, can we watch something else?" "What did she just say?" "Is that blood?"

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