Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Stitching again

Because of the much rambled about pain in my wrists, I started cross-stitching again. That hurts, too, but only a bit and only in my left hand. That is due to the way I hold the fabric, I hate embroidery hoops and frames. So I kind of stretch the fabric with the fingers of my left hand. Hard to explain... Anyway, over all the knitting-excitement I almost forgot how much I loved to stitch. I have several WIPs, mostly really big projects that I just can't constantly work on. The constant change of colours and their various shades slows progress way down and I often change the project or start and finish a small one.
I always find it hard to focus my taste on one special style. This concerns handcrafts als well als music, colours, fashion, decorating and so on... Of course there are things I absolutely hate, but in general I tend to find pleasure in a diversity of things. For example: I love and adore Teresa Wentzlers designs and want to stitch them all (which would take several lifetimes and more hands), but I also like the patterns by The Prairie Schooler. They use only few colours and no backstitches at all but their designs are very pretty in their simplicity.
Since two years (or more?) I wanted to do all of those patterns so I could have something new and pretty on the wall every month:
Well, I won't stitch July, as I am not American. I will surely do October and November because Halloween is just great and the turkey is cute and works for me even though we don't celebrate Thanksgiving as the Americans do.
I already finished June and now I started on February. I am not sure I will make the finished projects into little pillows as shown in the books. I am lousy at sewing and therefore too afraid to test my skills on a piece of linen with beautiful embroidery...
I was a bit too stingy with the fabric so framing will only work if I use a passe-partout.

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