Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sewn gifts

I found some pictures on my camera which have been sitting there since December. Last Christmas I gave a few handmade things as gifts because I am pretty broke at the moment. My godmother almost always gets handmade things because they make her happy and she really appreciates them. She is a very nice lady and I could not wish for a better godmother. As she has everything and can buy everything she likes, I switched to crafted presents rather than buying things a long time ago. This time, I did some sewing, both with my sewing machine and manually. The hearts and the bird are stuffed with a poly-something filling. Being unable to draw anything a normal human could recognize for what it is supposed to be, I found the instructions online. The wonderful bird can be found here (I only slightly altered mine):

Note: The winged heart is supposed to look wonky! =)

I used some stashed fabrics, mostly of clothes that got too tight *ahem* Using things from my stash pleases me to no end. Using and at the same time recycling stashed things whilst saving money and creating something beautiful to make someone happy comes close to ecstasy. Really, it feels nice.

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