Friday, 12 March 2010

A friend to knit with

I came across this nice blog a while ago:
I really like the name because it is something I have been hoping for for quite some time now: A friend to knit with. Or a friend to crochet with or to do any other crafts with.
I only have a handful of friends, I don't have a best friend. I might not even have really good or close friends besides Sebastian. Over the years, a lot of friendships broke up due to various reasons and it is harder to find new friends the older you get. I always had more male friends than female ones, something that's still valid today. Women tend to not like my kind of humour and are often offended by my (sometimes too) blunt honesty. Many friendships broke up because my parents chose to move 3 times, forcing me to change schools. Then I lost very good friends because my former boyfriend and they hated each other and I chose him over them (something I still regret deeply). After finishing school, most of my friends chose to go to other towns because of their studies while I became an industrial business management assistant and had much less time for parties and stuff like that. Today they have "real jobs" while I'm studying =)
Sebastian is a phantastic partner and the best friend I could imagine, so I am not really missing anything. Sometimes it would be nice to discuss some things with a girlfriend, but I'm not sad or lonely without a girlfriend. But someone to knit with, that would be heaven. I knit with my mom but I don't know if our relationship has the quality of a friendship. Someone to knit with, that's what I want. And maybe a close friendship is waiting somewhere in a ball of yarn and when it finally pokes out, I wouldn't send it away.
I'm not an easy person, I know that. People tend to annoy me, I hate shallowness and indifference. I have strong principles and try to stick to them, but I'm not intolerant and I don't care what a person looks like or how old he/she is. Of course it is nice if a friend likes the same things oneself likes, but I don't care if he/she does not want to watch "Outlander" at least once a week with me.
I can't stand certain things like cruelty to animals and children or pollution of nature. I hate when people think they have a right to only think of themselves, stomping through the world, completely oblivious to the distruction they leave behind.
I'm not perfect in that way either, but I really try to make a difference and live a frugal life without waste. I rarely eat meat but when I do, I make sure that the animal who died to feed me has lived a good life.
I better stop now or I'll ramble on and on....

Getting back to the title of this post: Yes, someone to knit with would be great. Knitting, drinking too much coffee and eating cake with someone who does not think that animals are only meant to feed, clothe and amuse us. That's not too much to ask, is it??

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  1. I agree that it gets harder to make close friends as you get older.