Thursday, 18 March 2010

Endless relief

I passed! I finally, finally passed that maths exam!!! After several disappointments and tries, I passed. I didn't write about actually taking another shot at that freaking exam, because I couldn't have stood writing about another possible fail... Now I can take my final maths exam around August this year and be done with that annoying sh**. No more infinity of primes, no more icosahedrons and their many useless rotation axes, no more calculus of probabilities...YAY!!
I am so relieved, I nearly peed myself when I got the result. Yes, there still is the final exam, but that will be different, as that will mostly cover didactics for primary schools, hence things I will actually be doing in the future. Ehm, did I even mention what I'm studying?? I am studying to become a teacher for primary schools. My major subjects are German and religious studies/education (I hope that's the right word for it) but I was forced to do maths as well as a minor subject. Now please don't say "Come on, it's maths for primary schools, get a grip...". I get that all the time... "primary school" is just my main focus but I could teach classes up to 10th grade. Hard to explain really because educational systems vary from country to country. That made it extra frustrating for me because I had to study so hard for things I hated AND will never actually be teaching.
Anyhow, it's done now, I'm extremely happy and relieved and want to share it with you =))) Whoooohoooo!!!