Friday, 26 February 2010

Looping it

I am knitting again, but only a few rows at a time. Some days the wrists feel almost OK, some days they hurt. Yesterday I overdid it because I got all excited about Magic Loop. Although I am able to knit socks on double-pointed needles and don't mind doing it that way, I had a feeling that they are responsible for my wristpain. It might be the way I hold them, it is just different from the way I hold circular needles. So I tried Magic Loop and tried knitting one sock on one long circular needle. And it worked! Straight away, without numerous tries. I tend to cramp up while knitting the heel (any kind of heel...), Magic Loop cannot completely change that, at least not yet. I hate accidentally creating holes while knitting the heel, so I try really hard to do everything right, automatically sit straight and tense and am rewarded with pain in my wrists, hands, arms, back AND holes in the heel part!
After some tantrums and disappointments, I choose to accept the fact that I might be needing more experience and practice in knitting and especially sock-knitting. After all, I only finished two pairs of socks yet and I will rip one pair apart again...remember the reddish ones? Knitted way too tight, they felt awful on my feet, I couldn't spread my toes and the stitches were stretched til bursting point. I only knitted the second sock because I hoped they would get wider while being worn (as ALL of my socks do, but no, not the red ones)... I wondered if I could give them to someone as a gift but I don't want to give something away I am not satisfied with myself. The heels suck and so do the tips and I won't give crappy socks as a present!

After huge amounts of snow which came as a surprise, it feels like spring today. It is warmer, most of the snow melted and the birds sing so beautifully. But man, that really was some winter. We always get snow in January and February but it does not stay long and always is quickly exchanged for cold rain. This time, it started on New Years Eve and we had so much snow, it was incredible. I really liked it and certainly won't complain about finally having had a real winter but I am looking forward to spring now, a lot.
I hope your day is as sunny as mine!