Friday, 15 January 2010

My first pair of socks

My boyfriend found the cable! Great, here come the updates on more or less recent knitting.

Interlude: I'm tired of saying "my boyfriend". It reminds me a lot of a former classmate, who - once he found a girlfriend - kept saying things like "My girlfriend thinks that..../ As I've said to my girlfriend....Tomorrow my girlfriend and I..." While I was happy for him, I couldn't help but thinking "Yes, we get it, you have a girlfriend now. But the girl does have a name, you know?" So from now on, when I talk about Sebastian, I will use his name, alright? So keep in mind: Sebastian = boyfriend *sigh*

Ok, get ready for the first pair of socks I ever knitted. A bit difficult to catch the colours, so mix the two pics together to get an idea of the real look:

And I have matching tights! I had those before, though.
I knitted the socks a bit too large for my feet, but I still love them. The yarn is Regia Galaxy Saturn, colour "saturn lapetus". The heel is a shortrow-heel, which might not be the perfect heel for my feet. I used double-pointed needles and the pattern is a very basic ribbing pattern.

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