Friday, 15 January 2010

More knitting

Ever since I knitted the first pair of socks, I think it is absolutely necessary to have at least one pair in the making at all times. It is a lot of fun and so very useful as I tend to have cold feet. My hands tend to get cold, too, or sweaty, or both. Sebastian calls them "cold and grubby little gollum-hands". Charming? No. Funny? Hmm..
Being to stupid to use the camera properly, I made the red socks look extra-red =( They are for me, the yarn is ONline sierra-color, colour 1187. This time I knitted a hybrid heel, which is a short-row heel with a gusset. The gusset is great to make a short-row heel also fitting for a higher instep. I knitted them in a plain stocking stitch as the yarn itself creates a very nice pattern.

The brownish ones are for Sebastian. The yarn is also ONline sierra-color, but this time in colour 1183. I want to knit them in stocking stitch, too, but it seems as if the pattern does not come out so well in this colour.

And my latest project: a coat/jacket/cardigan...not sure what to call it. The pattern is from the autumn 2009 issue of the Verena Stricken magazine, the yarn is GGH Cumba print, colour 102. It is sooo exciting to see the colour change from light to dark. See the zig-zag stripes? Awesome!! It is 41 % wool, 28 % alpaca and 30 % polyacrylics. Normally, I don't like to have plastic in my clothes, but it does provide a bit more durability, especially when it comes to socks.

The yarn is really lovely and a bit fuzzy, which makes it difficult to frog or reknit stitches.
I miss knitting =((

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