Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

A very happy 2010 to you all! Do you have any New Year's resolutions? Many people seem to have given up on that idea because they would fall back into their old bad habits only one week into the new year. And of couse, you can decide to change your life every monday, or every hour, minute, second of any day... But I still like the idea of starting a new year with fresh ideas and resolutions. It might bring some disappointment and frustration when some things won't go the way you thought and you are still drinking too much coffee and study way too little and are too sleazy because all you can think of is knitting... Nevertheless, I still haven't given up on myself and I really want to change all those things that annoy me most about myself.

I have to go easy on the knitting anyway because the pain in my wrists turned out to be the beginnings of tenosynovitis. Yay me.... I started to panic a bit and ran to the doctor quickly. It's not as if I couldn't stand a bit of pain, but my boyfriend has a chronic tenosynovitis on his left wrist, which gives him a lot of pain sometimes. Plus, I wanted to have those fine things: ManuTrain
They say you can wear those splints and still be active. It turns out, you can't knit or type while wearing them. But they instantly take away the pain when put on, so it is an improvement.

Despite the hurting wrists I have some knitting to show you. And I will, because one of my New Year's resolutions is: Be a better blogger!
So please stay tuned!

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  1. A belated happy new year to you too - I do hope your wrist gets better!