Wednesday, 11 November 2009


My wrists hurt!! A lot!! I might have been knitting a little bit to much. Or maybe the problem was not the amount of knitting but rather the technique. I have been trying a new kind of heel on a pair of socks and it turned out to be a bit tricky. So I knitted with a lot of anger and tension and was all cramped up afterwards.

I took a knitting break for a few days now and it's beginning to kick in. I am starting to get a little itchy and keep shooting furtive looks to my needles and my yarn. Maybe tonight, if the wrists are ok with that. Oh look at that, my hands are shaking, I feel all shivery and what's that uncontrollable drooling about?

In the meantime, some pictures of recent knitting:

One more sleeve to go! Hurrah!

Warm slippers for my boyfriend. They are knitted in a special felting wool (or so they say), you knit them extra large and then felt them in your washer. In this case, I knit them extreeeeeeemly large because my boyfriend has incredibly large feet. Oh but don't worry, he is quite tall in general, so that's ok! I have never before knitted with such thick needles, it's like holding branches. Progress is made very quickly but I still prefer smaller needles.

This yarn is hell. It is "Cambio" from Lana Grossa but I refer to it as "Yarn of Anger". It looks quite stunning, the delicate shimmer and vivid coppery colour won't show on this picture, but it really is beautiful. Complete crap to knit with though... I have to keep a rubber band on the ball so that the yarn won't flow off. Yes, flowing is the right word. The first ball I used disintegrated completely and knotted tightly together at the same time. Took me 1 hour to rewind it neatly! After several attempts to knit a tank top with that yarn, I frogged the whole thing and now am trying something else.

I have more to show you but it needs some washing and blocking first. Have a nice day!

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